Student Fee Committee (SFC)

This Student Fee Committee is composed of 7 members and is responsible for recommending the allocation of the Student Fee to the ASPSU Student Government, University President, and the PSU Board of Trustees. It is the job of the SFC to allocate money to student funded programs and services that further the cultural and physical development of the students at large.


Fall Schedule: 

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am-11am


Student Fee Committee Members

Jose Rojas Fallas[Chair] (, Liaison to: 

  • Student Activities and Leadership Programs
  • Leadership Fellows
  • SALP Minor Equipment Reserve
  • Student Community and Engagement Center
  • Student Sustainability Center

Hakan Kutgun  [Vice Chair] (, Liaison to:

  • Helen Gordon Child Development Center
  • ASPSU Children's Center
  • Services for Students with Children

Sam Swan  (, Liaison to:

  • KPSU
  • Pathos
  • Vanguard
  • Pacific Sentinel
  • Student Media Operations

Gabriel Trumbly (, Liaison to: 

  • Queer Resource Center
  • Veteran's Resource Center
  • Women's Resource Center
  • Student Legal Services

Devon Wanderon ( Liaison to: 

  • PSU Food Pantry
  • Graphic Design Center
  • 5th Avenue Cinema
  • Litman and White Galleries
  • Portland State Professional Sound

Aydia Johnson ( Liaison to:

  • Cultural Resource Centers
  • Organization Budget Council
  • Speakers Board
  • Student Educational Travel

Faith Pauken ( Liaison to:

  • Campus Recreation
  • Rec Clubs Council
  • Athletics
  • Smith Memorial Student Union

Important Links:

SFC Connect Portal
SFC Google Drive
SFC Google Group & Archives (current listserv)
SFC Online Budgeting System (for years prior to 2012-2013)


SFC Agenda Request Form 2019-2020



Student Fee Committee Advisors

Candace Avalos ( of Student Government Relations and Greek Life Advisor

Michele Toppe ( Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life

Derek Davis (, Assistant Budget Director



SFC Important Dates

Event Date
SFC Training 

June 19 - June 21

FY19 Year End Process

August 2 - September 6

Budget Office to provide rollover/overage amounts to FFA's

August 2

Year End Balance Requests due to SFC

August 12

Year End Balance Hearings & Review

August 13 & August 15

Year End Balance Deliberations

August 19 - September 6

Year End Balance Decisions Released

September 6

SFC decision on budget template format

August 2

Budget templates available on Google Drive Including FY20 Budget

August 15

Budget School presentation complete by SFC

August 16

SFC budget school/Meet & Greet (mandatory for Programs)

August 20 & August 22

Q4 FY19 Report due to SFC

August 30

Q4 FY19 SFC Liaison Presentations

September 9 - September 13

TM1 open for initial request input

September 16

Budgets due to SFC in CONNECT and TM1

October 11

SFC Budget Hearings & Review

October 14 - October 25

Budgets due to SFC in TM1, completed and balanced by TM1 enterers October 24

Q1 FY20 Report due to SFC

October 31

SFC Initial Deliberations

October 28 - November 15

Hold these weekends for potential SFC Initial Deliberations

November 2-3, November 9-10

Initial Allocation Decisions Released

November 15

Q1 FY20 SFC Liaison Presentations

November 18 - November 22

TM1 open for appeal input

November 20

SBF/SIF fee change discussion 

November 25 - November 27

Appeals Narratives due in CONNECT and TM1 closes and sign up for hearing spot

November 27

Appeals Hearings & Review

December 2 - December 6

SBF/SIF fee change decision

December 6

SFC Final Deliberations

December 6 - December 13

Hold these weekends for potential SFC Final Deliberations

December 7- December 8

Final Allocation Decision Released

December 13

Final SFC Recommendation Presentation due to ASPSU senate

January 6

Begin SBF RFP and debt discussions

January 13

SBF RFP process and debt decision due

January 24

ASPSU Senate budget deliberation period

January 6 - February 3

Senate to review and let SFC know via motion if changes are requested

January 20

Deadline to reach a joint Student Incidental Fee Recommendation

February 3

Q2 FY20 Report due to SFC

January 31

Student Incidental & Building Fee Recommendation due to PSU President

February 5

Begin reviewing SFC Guidelines for amendments & changes

February 10

Q2 FY20 SFC Liaison Presentations

February 10 - February 14

SBF Small Project Proposal Deadline, if necessary

February 14

SBF Hearings, if necessary

February 17 - February 21

SBF Deliberations, if necessary

February 24 - March 6

SBF Decisions Released, if necessary

March 6

SFC Meetings Blocked for Guideline Review

March 9 - April 6

Final Incidental and Student Building Fee Recommendation due to the Board of Trustees, if necessary

March 20

SFC Guideline amendments approved by SFC (internal deadline)

April 6

SFC Guideline amendment presentation to ASPSU Senate

April 13

Q3 FY20 Report due to SFC

April 30

Q3 FY20 SFC Liaison Presentations

May 11 - May 15

Amendments to the SFC Guidelines due to the University President for review & approval

May 15

SFC 2019-2020 Final Day in Office

May 31

SFC 2020-2021 First Day in Office

June 1
SFC Break: no agenda requests, meetings, or business will be handled in this time due to transition, training, and preparation for the new academic year June 1 - June 30

SFC 2020-2021 Training

June 15 - June 19

SFC 2020-2021 Back in Business

July 1

Q4 FY20 Report due to SFC

August 31

*Note: To add the SFC calendar to your calendar, scroll to the "Other Calendars" section, select the drop down menu button, click on "Add by URL", and input this URL 


Student Building Fee

In 2019, 6 projects totaling $302,000 were approved by the Student Fee Committee. The projects will take place during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Women's Resource Center New Space Renovation: $136,000

Smith First Floor Mezzanine Modernization: $84,000  

School of Social Work All-Gender Multi-Stall Restroom Conversion: $35,333  

Cultural Resource Centers Office Space:  $31,054  

Engineering Building Atrium Furniture:  $10,833  

Resource Center for Students with Children Storage Area Access and Utility Improvements: $4,787

If you have questions about any of the projects, please contact Sarah Kenney: