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Talya Bauer
Talya Bauer

Congratulations to Talya Bauer, Cameron Professor of Management at Portland State — in addition to participating in Google's Visiting Faculty program last summer, she received the Distinguished Teaching Contribution Award from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) at the organization's annual meeting in April.

Dr. Bauer is recognized for the value she provides as an educator, innovator, and mentor. She is a popular teacher as shown by the consistently high ratings she receives. Her innovative work also includes coauthoring online textbooks and a graphic novel which is the first of its kind to encompass key concepts and theories from research using an ongoing storyline. These textbooks have been widely acclaimed for the effective way they promote student learning.  Dr. Bauer was among the first at Portland State to recognize how service-learning initiatives could be used as effective learning tools by creating student-community partnerships to develop meaningful experiences. She has also been a leader in incorporating online teaching and learning in a meaningful way. She is also known for mentoring doctoral and undergraduate students through their research projects and papers. She is generous with her time and has co-authored with students on nearly half of her 46 journal articles. Congratulations Talya!

Talya and PSU faculty members Berrin Erdogan, Lauren Simon and Shung Jae Shin made several presentations at SIOP's annual conference. Topics included overqualification at work; personality variation in the workplace; happiness and the workplace; innovation; and creativity.