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Smitty S. Buckler
Smitty S. Buckler

How did you end up at PSU?

I was looking at going back to school, and many of my friends recommended PSU. Then I was hired for the Trans Resource Coordinator position on campus, which pushed me forward to becoming a student. I was also at a point where I had a good idea that I really wanted to go into medicine. 

What’s your favorite spot on campus and why?

The Queer Resource Center, of course! I love how welcoming it is to everyone whatever they identify as. 

How are you involved in campus life outside of your classes?

Besides working with the QRC, I try to go to other student group’s events as well. I work often with the Women’s Resource Center on many events and programs like the Sexual Assault Task Force. 

Can you briefly describe your experience with diversity on campus?

I am pretty immersed in the diversity on campus. I work closely with the Queer Student of Color Coordinator at the QRC and liaison with other groups on campus. 

How do you fit into the tapestry of students/faculty here?

Last year I opened up the title of Trans Resource Coordinator to include Access so it includes disability and deaf access as well as any other access problems that queer folks have. This year, I’m the Publicity and Admin Coordinator, which has me working more with the guts of the organization. So I guess I’m more like the mat portion that the tapestry is woven into. 

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