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Randy Mishler
Randy Mishler

Randy Mishler is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Conference & Event Services. He's here to help make your experience at Smith Memorial Student Union and Viking Pavilion an enjoyable one. A graduate of Indiana University (B.A., Journalism), Randy is an award-winning communicator and graphic artist who has worked in news, publications, video and digital production. A longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, when he has time off Randy enjoys bouncing between the coast, the valley, the Gorge, the mountains and the high desert. 

Fun Facts:

  • Hometown: South Whitley, Indiana 
  • Favorite Food: Today it's teriyaki chicken
  • Favorite thing about Portland: Always something new
  • Fun fact: Once interviewed "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz
  • Hobbies: Sketching, hiking, reading
  • Favorite part about working at Portland State: The atmosphere of support and encouragement