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Professor Idowu Ajibade
Professor Idowu Ajibade

Idowu (Jola) Ajibade began at PSU in winter of 2018. She received her Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Sustainability in 2013 from Western University Canada. Currently, she teaches GEOG 230: Environment and Society, and GEOG: 348U: Cultural and Political Ecology. 


Research Interests

Urbanisation and Future cities, Political Ecology, Climate Change adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender, Environmental Justice, Environmental Extremes, Human Rights, Sustainability Science, and Transformation studies. 

"My teaching and research program examine the interrelationships between urbanization, global climate change, and sustainability transition through a political ecology lens. I focus mainly on extreme events, resilience planning and climate change adaptation in the context of eco-industrialization, eco-gentrification, and uneven development. I interrogate both conventional as well as alternative approaches to adaptation, risk reduction, and sustainability. My work provides some direction on why the articulation of multiple and alternative trajectories of future socio-ecological and socio-economic relations are necessary in bringing about transformation towards sustainability in cities. I value interdisciplinary scholarship and employ this approach in understanding the opportunities and barriers presented by climate change and on-going sustainability transitions in megacities of the global south. I believe there is a need for critical engagement with diverse knowledge systems, modes of politics, ethics and socio-cultural norms in facilitating sustainability transitions and environmental justice.  While most of my work to date has been in Lagos, Manilla and Bangkok, I am also interested in the human-environment challenges in the United States particularly in Portland, Oregon."