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Pam Minty
Pam Minty

Office: LH 127E

Pam Minty’s work explores geography, home and community through still photography and motion pictures. Her work has been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Center for Documentary Studies, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Film Studies Center at University of Chicago, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, International House Philadelphia, Los Angeles Filmforum, Place Gallery, Portland International Film Festival/Northwest Film Center, Cinema Project, eXCinema (Seattle), Boathouse Microcinema, San Francisco Cinematheque, UnionDocs, Vancouver International Film Centre, as well as other venues throughout North America.

Minty is the co-founder of 40 Frames, a 16mm conservation initiative that maintains the international exhibitors list and houses a collection of 16mm film prints. From 1999-2009, 40 Frames operated a public film screening series located in Portland’s Central Eastside.

She holds an BA in Literature from University of Oregon and an MFA in Portland State University’s Contemporary Studio Art Practice program in the School of Art + Design. She teaches film and video production courses at Portland State University and Northwest Film Center.

See examples of her film work here