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Monica Lee Noe
Monica Lee Noe


How did you end up at PSU?

I had heard really great things about the queer resource center and I applied for a job there. When I got the job, it really solidified my choice to go to PSU.

What surprised you most about the school?

The bowling alley was a big surprise. I have never heard of a school with a bowling alley!

How are you involved in campus life outside of your classes?

I am the Queeries and Education Coordinator at the QRC, so I get to meet a log of great new people and facilitate Queer ally trainings for different campus organizations. I like being a part of a department that is actively working towards making this campus an inclusive, safe environment.

What advice would you give a student considering attending PSU?

To find community. It makes all the difference.

How do you fit into the tapestry of students/faculty here?

I am a first-generation American and college student in my family. Both of my parents immigrated to America from opposite ends of the world. I am a queer woman of color and I am excited to continue my education here at PSU.

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