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Miriam Miranda-Diaz
Miriam Miranda-Diaz


Miriam has been project coordinator and a research assistant on the Study to Analyze Relationships (STAR) project at the Regional Research Institute; she is currently an embedded researcher at a local school district where she is helping the district develop a mentoring program.


Earned BA in Psychology (2008) and the Master of Social Work Degree from Portland State University (2011). Started Ph.D. Program in Social Work and Social Research in fall 2013.

PSU History

Have been at the RRI since fall 2013.

Professional Focus

Miriam's research interests include volunteerism and mentoring relationships, social work with Latin@s, animal (equine) assisted interventions, and quantitative methodologies. She has a wealth of practice experience working with youth, adults, and families in education, the judicial system, and in non-profit organizations. This experience provided her with knowledge and skills in: formal/informal mentoring, mental health, chemical dependency, and community-based research.

Personal Interests

Miriam enjoys spending time with her family and riding horses.