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Meet Special Education Supervisor Melissa Pebly
Meet Special Education Supervisor Melissa Pebly

Melissa Pebly, MEd, is an instructor/supervisor for the Special Education Department who is co-leading the full-time special education cohort. She received her bachelor and master's degrees from Florida Atlantic University in exceptional student education. Her primary area of interest is in literacy for students with significant disabilities, including those with severe speech and physical disabilities. In addition to teaching courses in literacy methods and working with students who have significant needs, Ms. Pebly is pursuing her doctoral degree in educational leadership with a specialization in special education.

Melissa Pebly, MEd
Portland State University
College of Education
Special Education Department
PO Box 751
1900 SW 4th Ave
Room FAB 280N
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751
Phone: 503-725-4632