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Meet Ralf Juengling
Meet Ralf Juengling

2008-09 Maseeh Fellowship Recipient

Ralf Juengling is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the Maseeh College. Prior to coming to PSU, Ralf received a degree in physics from the University of Muenster in Germany.

Ralf says receiving the Maseeh Fellowship allowed him the opportunity to enroll as a full-time student for his final year of studies and the ability to complete his degree in a reasonable amount of time. “I am very grateful and feel more compelled than ever to contribute to making Portland State University a great place to be for the next generation of students,” writes Ralf.

Ralf is advised by Melanie Mitchell, professor of computer science, who he credits for teaching him how to author articles and presentations that are clear and engaging. Ralf cites authoring simulation software for communication engineers at the German Aerospace Center, which have been used in numerous feasibility studies, as a career highlight. After completing his Ph.D., Ralf hopes to continue his work as a research and development scientist in an industrial research laboratory.