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Meet Professor Rolf Koenenkamp
Meet Professor Rolf Koenenkamp

Professor Rolf Koenenkamp, Gertrude Rempfer Professor of Physics, received his Ph.D. from Tulane University in 1984. His interests include electron optics, photoelectron microscopy, nano-scale devices, amorphous and organic thin films, and photovoltaics.

Professor Koenenkamp's long-term research centers on developing nano-scale devices, such as nanowire transistors, light-emitting diodes and sensors. He is also interested in introducing nanotechnology into photovoltaics to produce renewable energy at a low cost. He developed a prototype solar cell that incorporates an ultra-thin absorber in a porous structure, which may ultimately lead to a more economical, efficient mechanism for harvesting the sun's energy

Much of Professor Koenenkamp's nano-device research is embedded in ONAMI collaborations and uses state-of-the-art facilities at PSU's Electron Microscopy Center, installed on the campus in 2003.

Professor Koenenkamp recently received a three-year, $741,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to build a new aberration-corrected photoelectron microscope at PSU. The microscope design incorporates ideas and research results of Gertrude Rempfer, professor emerita at PSU and co-principal investigator in the NSF-funded team. The new microscope will be capable of viewing structures and functions of organic material as small as one nanometer. The new instrument will be applied in biological studies and in soft-matter research.

With these research and development efforts PSU continues to grow as a center for nanoscale science and advanced microscopy in the Pacific Northwest.

Name: Rolf Koenenkamp
Title: Gertrude Rempfer Professor of Physics
curriculum vitae:
office: 402 SB2
phone: (503) 725-4224
fax: (503) 725-9525