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Meet Professor Kenneth M. Cruikshank
Meet Professor Kenneth M. Cruikshank

Dr. Ken Cruikshank's research interests include physical processes relevant to the geosciences and the quantification and simulation of these processes using numerical methods, particularly fracturing and folding. He has taught in the areas of Structural Geology and Tectonics, Seismology, and Sensors and Instrumentation, among others.

One of his current projects includes the data analysis of the spatial and temporal relationships of earthquakes, mostly in the Pacific Northwest. He is also working with Dr. Curt Peterson (PSU) and Dr. Jake Griffithson (NOAA) on coastal deformation in the Cascadia region using continuously operating GPS stations. A little farther from home, Dr. Cruikshank is studying the Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf with Dr. Christina Hulbe (PSU) and Dr. Ginny Catania (UT Austin.