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Meet Professor John Hall
Meet Professor John Hall

An economist for a rapidly changing world - Professor John Hall specializes in the "economics of transition" in Central and Eastern Europe.

Professor Hall received his PhD in Economics from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research in New York City. He has traveled and researched over much of the world, observing economic conditions and behaviors. With two Fulbright scholarships, he has lectured in Zambia -- in south central Africa, and in the eastern region of Germany. The Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation of Germany has funded several fellowships for short and long-term research visits to Germany, and has supported much of his on site research in Central and Eastern Europe over the last twenty years. In addition, he has developed serious interests in the continent of South America and tends to make annual trips, taking in the fascinating places that he finds there.

The focus of Professor Hall's research is the transitions of the economies of countries in Central and Eastern Europe (1) and (2). In this region he examines the economics of structural transformation, institutional development, integration, and growth. He studies the complex economic adjustments that countries and societies that relied on central planning have been making since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Recently (in 2006) he published a coauthored paper in the Cambridge Journal of Economics with the title: "Economic Convergence Across German Regions in Light of Empirical Findings."

Professor Hall teaches courses in the fields of "Comparative Economic Systems" as well as the "Economics of Transition." He also teaches "History of Economic Thought" and "Institutional Economics." He also enjoys teaching students at the introductory level, lecturing in Micro and Macroeconomics most every academic year.

While lately Professor Hall has enjoyed a revival in his research and writing, his dedication to teaching persists as his core value and primary activity at PSU. Just as a great piece of music draws the listener to explore a special world, Professor Hall takes his students to discover the special world of social science thinking. By presenting them copious amounts of knowledge to fully whet their appetites-he tends to leave students with an incomplete and imperfect picture. He, then, leaves students with asking and answering for themselves the kinds of questions that lead them toward excelling in their chosen fields. Like all great teachers, his goal is: " to inspire my students to go way beyond [me]".

Professor Hall's continued dedication to student academic success derives in part from his belief that at Portland State he can play a pivotal role in his student's intellectual and professional lives. The diverse backgrounds of his students, combined with their keen intelligence, and their openness to new ideas and new approaches is what keeps Professor Hall motivated on a daily basis.

Professor Hall's other interests include his passion for inventing methods and devices, as well as for creating beverages. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. allowed six claims (util. 5,842,463) on a combustion method used in a highly efficient and smokeless device intended for use in low income countries: where pressure on forest resources are great. He is also president of an Oregon based beverage company, a company that is mostly confined (at this stage) to research and development on meads, lagers, teas, and carbonated waters. He joined the PSU faculty in 1985 .

Name: John Hall
Title: Professor of Economics
office: 241P CH
phone: 503-725-3939