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Meet Professor Gayle Thieman
Meet Professor Gayle Thieman

Gayle Thieman, EdD, is an associate professor in the College of Education at Portland State University, specializing in curriculum and instruction and social studies methods. She is the secondary Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) coordinator and also teaches pre-service teachers as a cohort leader in the two-year teacher licensure program. She has also taught and supervised administrative licensure candidates in the educational leadership program at PSU. Her research interests include civic engagement, equity and diversity in teacher preparation, social studies disciplinary literacy and teacher practice. Her website includes a blog and showcases social studies teacher candidates' cvic engagement projects.

Before joining the College of Education Dr. Thieman worked as a high school administrator in Washington and Alaska for 8 years. She has taught social studies in secondary schools in Alaska, Colorado, and Illinois. She has presented numerous workshops and developed curriculum materials in U.S. history, civic education, gender and race equity, and interdisciplinary teaching. She is a past president of the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and remains active with NCSS and the Oregon Council for the Social Studies.

Gayle Thieman, EdD
Portland State University
College of Education
Curriculum and Instruction
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