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Meet Matticen Cox '14, Data Analyst, Women's Sportswear Apparel, Nike
Meet Matticen Cox '14, Data Analyst, Women's Sportswear Apparel, Nike

Originally from Olympia, Washington, Matticen was seeking a college campus with an urban setting and a good business school, which led her to Portland State University. She was inspired to pursue a business degree after taking a marketing class in high school. 

While at PSU's School of Business, Matticen studied marketing with a focus on the athletic and outdoor industry (A&O), graduating with a bachelor's degree in business--marketing and a certificate in A&O. During her senior year, she landed an internship at Notogroup--a recruiting firm in the outdoor industry--that led to a full time position and helped her land her current role at Nike.

Q: When and how did you know you wanted to be in the A&O industry?

A: During my sophomore year I took an intro to marketing class that Lauren Beitlelspacher taught (founding director of the PSU A&O program) and I was inspired to pursue the A&O certificate.

Q: What is the most valuable thing you learned during the program?

A: The ideation-market process, familiarity with the terminology and exposure to industry experts. Not many other classes offer that level of interaction with people in the industry.

Q: How did PSU help you get your foot in the door?

A: I got an internship through the Notogroup. That internship provided a training opportunity and helped me understand the different types of positions, skill sets required and provided an inside look at many brands. The Notogroup hired me after my internship and I worked with them for one and a half years before taking a job at Nike.

Q: What is unique about the A&O industry?

A: There is such a range of sizes and types of businesses in the industry. Many people think about Nike or adidas but there are so many small companies doing innovative things as well as an amazing network of vendors and suppliers that support the industry.

Q: What advice would you give to a student who is pursuing a career in A&O?

A: Take PSU’s A&O certificate program. It is the best way to get informed about the industry and meet people from the industry who can hire you and/or open doors for you in their organizations.

The athletic and outdoor industry is a good fit for Matticen, who enjoys soccer, hiking, rafting and spending a lot of time outside.

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