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Meet Kaitlin Barrer, Intern at Intel
Meet Kaitlin Barrer, Intern at Intel

In this installment we spotlight Kaitlin Barrer, a current student in the School of Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management. In Winter Term 2014, Kaitlin started her internship at Intel and took MGMT 404: The Online Internship and Practicum Course. She has been interning at Intel for nearly a year now, working within the Corporate Affairs team at the technology company. Kaitlin reflects on her intern experience at Intel and is a great example of how her internship experience was enhanced by the lessons she learned through the online internship course.

Give us a sense of “a day in the life” of your internship.

My role allows me to wear different hats, and allows me to do a lot of program and project management. My tasks are varied, from running a volunteer program with 300 employees, to giving a tour to a group of visiting students, to participating in Career Day with teachers from the Hillsboro School District.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship so far?

I really enjoy the culture at Intel, it’s one of my favorite parts of my internship. Everyone works in teams so I get to collaborate a lot. I work with intelligent people, from different backgrounds who offer different perspectives; disciplines from engineering to law, and it’s great to learn about everyone’s experiences and career aspirations.

How has the online internship course helped you be successful at your internship?

I took the internship class at the very beginning of my internship, and something that I really enjoyed about that was that the professor asked us to set goals and standards of how we were going to approach our internship and that’s something I didn’t get here so I was able to think about what I wanted to get out of my internship, what are my goals, and that kept me on track as far as that goes.

I [also] get to take the curriculum I’m learning and apply it in the workforce. I am gaining so much business acumen, and that’s a huge thing I hadn’t had before. Being able to think on my feet, build confidence, and be able to take my experience back to the class and share my experience with others as well.

How has your internship experience contributed to your career path?

The experience of interning has influenced my career dramatically. I never thought I’d work for a corporation, let alone a technology corporation, so as an HR major and non-technical employee I never thought I’d fit into this type of culture and now I know I thrive. There’s a lot of candor, it’s results-oriented, it’s really fast-paced. I’m really involved in the culture because of my internship, and I really enjoy all of that. I really hope to end up working here after I’m done with school.

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