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Meet Jimmy Simeles '16, Undergraduate Peer Advisor
Meet Jimmy Simeles '16, Undergraduate Peer Advisor


What is your School of Business major, year (Junior, Senior), and hometown?

I am a senior studying finance from Tigard, Oregon

Why did you choose PSU?

Out of all the other potential schools, PSU had the most opportunities for a business student. All of the major businesses and firms were within walking distance of the campus which makes networking and job opportunities that much better. Portland as a city has a lot to offer as well with the large music scene, many food carts, and places to see, choosing Portland State was an easy decision as well as the fact that PSU is so close to my home town making the decision that much easier.

Why did you choose to study Business?

It took me a while to figure out a major, I started as an engineering student before settling on business with finance. But choosing business made sense because businesses are everywhere around us and would be a good option going forward especially being in Portland.

What made you want to be a Peer Advisor?

I started working with the Portland State Orientation Team in 2014. After working closely with the SBA Academic Advisors and new students throughout the summer, I realized that helping people is a strong passion of mine. Being able to continue helping students in the business school is wonderful knowing that I can offer them help through past experiences in those courses. At the end of the day, my goal is always to make someone’s day and as a Peer Advisor, it comes easily.

Why should students seek express advising? What should they expect? How should they prepare?

Students have busy schedules, so being able to check in with another student for quick academic guidance is really nice especially from the student perspective opposed to from an academic advisor. They should expect to have either an answer for their question or a better understanding of their situation. They should come prepared with a printed pdf of their DARS along with a set of questions that they may have for the express advisors.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself working in a local company as a financial advisor. I enjoy speaking with people and networking so being a part of a company as an advisor helping others would be great.

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