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Meet Jack Straton
Meet Jack Straton

Jack Straton earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from the University of Oregon in 1977, worked as a professional jazz drummer for three years, and then returned to the U of O in the 1980s to earn a doctorate in quantum theory. Both as a volunteer and professional diversity trainer over the past 18 years, he has presented several hundred workshops on ending sexual assault and racism. Jack founded Men Against Rape groups in Eugene, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan, Kansas. He has published extensively in professional journals from his research in Quantum Scattering Theory, Gender Equity, and Diversity Training Methods. He has served as co-chair of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) and, as coordinator of the NOMAS Task Group on Child Custody Issues, is recognized as one of the leading writers and speakers in the country with expertise on ethical and public policy issues related to the overlap between child custody, child abuse, and woman abuse.

Jack has been teaching Inquiry courses at PSU since 1995, currently The Work of Art, always seeking to infuse them with creativity, interdisciplinary experience, and interpersonal connection.  He also teaches General Astronomy.


Analytically Continued Hypergeometric Expression of the Incomplete Beta Function
The Incomplete Gamma Function Expressed as a Sum of Macdonald Functions

Jack Straton, PhD
Assistant Professor
Physics and University Studies
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