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Meet Dan Zalkow
Meet Dan Zalkow

Dan Zalkow is the Associate Vice President for Planning, Construction, and Real Estate (PCRE). Dan oversees the planning and development of the campus’ physical environment, manages various campus operations and ensures that PSU’s physical development and operations align with the University’s goals. In this role, Dan oversees 150 full time employees and 260 student employees in the following departments: Campus Planning Office (CPO), Campus Sustainability Office (CSO), Capital Projects and Construction (CPC), Conferences and Events Services Office (CESO), Facilities and Property Management (FPM), Materials Management Services (MMS) and Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS).

Dan has been a PSU employee since 2000 when he joined PSU as Assistant Manager for Transportation and Parking Services. Dan has also served as the Manager for Transportation and Parking Services, the Associate Director for Auxiliary Services, and the Director for Planning, Sustainability and Real Estate. Dan has represented PSU on a number of committees in the areas of land use, transportation and development.  Prior to joining PSU, Dan worked in banking operations and restaurant management in Georgia, his home state. 

Dan earned a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Psychology from the University of Georgia, a graduate certificate in Real Estate Development from PSU and a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning, specializing in Land Use and Transportation, also from PSU. 

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