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Meet Assistant Professor Rana Yaghmaian
Meet Assistant Professor Rana Yaghmaian

Rana Yaghmaian, PhD, CRC, is an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program Coordinator at PSU. She received both her master’s and doctorate degrees in Rehabilitation Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Dr. Yaghmaian takes a special interest in exploring the unique experiences of people with disabilities who hold multiple minoritized identities. She is a recipient of both the 2018 Dean's Fund for Excellence and the 2019 Faculty Development Grant, which collectively afforded her a total of $20,000 to support a qualitative research study that will explore the unique experiences of women of color with invisible chronic illnesses. She is also collaborating on a multi-campus study seeking to identify contributors to success for college students of color with disabilities who have a history in the foster care system.

Notably, Dr. Yaghmaian was awarded a 2019 U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration grant which will provide $1 million over the next five years to support PSU's clinical rehabilitation counseling students, recruit and retain underrepresented students, and train outstanding clinical rehabilitation counselors.

Beyond her research endeavors, Dr. Yaghmaian is committed to advancing social justice pedagogy in counselor education, as well as to mentoring budding counselors with a vested interest in social justice and equity. In 2019, she recieved an Outstanding Mentor Award through the PSU Women's Resource Center's Feminist of Color Collective (FoCC), for her "generosity in sharing her time and energy in her various roles, and for her ability to inspire others to be curious, speak up, work hard, be gentle with themselves, and shine."

Dr. Yaghmaian also serves the Portland metro community by offering intersectional disability justice trainings at organizations committed to advancing equity in their work and workplaces. Dr. Yaghmaian is a staunch intersectional feminist who works actively to promote social justice and equity for individuals situated at the intersections of multiple marginalized identities.

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