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Meet Alma Bulbul, Marketing & Advertising Student
Meet Alma Bulbul, Marketing & Advertising Student

Hometown: Sarajevo, Bosnia

Previous high school or college: Portland Community College (PCC)

Like many college students, Alma wanted to attend college to become more independent and to discover herself. Alma moved to Portland from Bosnia at age five with her parents, who motivated Alma to invest in education. When it comes to school and career, Alma wants to keep her options open.

Why did you choose to major in marketing and advertising for your undergraduate degree?

I originally planned on attending medical school but began working at the Nike employee store and discovered my interest in marketing and advertising. I chose Portland State University (PSU) because of its marketing and advertising program.

What would you like to achieve before you graduate?

My parents wanted me to follow in the path of the family business but I want to create my own path and discover what I really want to do.

What is something someone wouldn’t expect about you?

I have studied Taekwondo for 15 years beginning at the age of five. When I came to the US and didn’t speak any English, it was something that helped me find community. When my parents took my brothers to sign up for Taekwondo, I wanted to sign up too, but my parents said it wasn’t a sport for girls. I said, "I’m not leaving until you sign me up!" so they signed me up. Taekwondo teaches me respect and confidence.

This term, Alma will lead a busy life outside of school, working as a team lead of a leadership conference for America’s top companies where she oversees the all the event planning logistics. To balance work and school, Alma will be taking online classes during the fall.


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