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Mary Beth Sanders
Mary Beth Sanders

Role: Data Manager/Senior Research Assistant I, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Education: BS, Psychology

Experience: Mary Beth has more than 12 years of experience partnering with community agencies to conduct implementation and outcome-focused evaluations. Much of her early work focused largely on treatment court interventions and housing programs for non-violent criminal offenders, including evaluations of family treatment courts serving families with open child welfare cases. Ms. Sanders’ content area shifted more exclusively to child and family service interventions, including a statewide, randomized, evaluation of the Healthy Families Oregon (HFO) program, a randomized national Early Head Start evaluation and current involvement in an evaluation of a Title IV Waiver funded Oregon Department of Human Services family-voice focused intervention (LIFE) for families with children at risk of becoming long-stayers in the foster care system.

She has expertise in administrative and survey data processing and analysis. The HFO, Early Head Start and Oregon LIFE evaluations have contributed to the development of her data preparation and analysis approaches in the context of child and family service oriented programs. Ms. Sanders has experience in developing, administering and managing survey data collection tools, engaging with vulnerable populations, and creating systems to track and analyze information provided by key-stakeholders, administrative data sources and families.

Research Focus: Improvement family supports systems, equity, strengths-based programming focus, participatory community-based research

Personal Interests: Mary Beth enjoys reading, knitting, travelling, and floral arranging. She likes to cook and savors the wide variety of amazing food, whether it be from a food cart or (occasionally) a more fine-dining establishment. 

Contact Information:; (503) 725-9842