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Marvin Daniel Alvilez
Marvin Daniel Alvilez

The Pathways Impact

Meet Marvin Daniel Alvilez, an Accounting and Supply & Logistics Major who anticipates graduating from the School of Business in Spring 2016. Marvin explains the impact that the Pathways to the Future program has had on his education:

After completing my first year at Portland State University, I accomplished much more than I expected. Throughout the year I was challenged by various endeavors which I felt have made me a better student and a more humble human being. 


Despite the constant strains and demanding effort by which success is earned at the college level, I am associating with the Pathways program at Portland State University to give me better opportunities at an early age. With the help of the Pathways program, I was able to obtain the Pathways Diversity Scholarship as well as a summer internship with Costco. By attending numerous events held throughout 2012-2013 I was able to obtain the internship for which I am very thankful. The Pathways Program has helped me by mentoring me on how to stand out when applying for internships and scholarships as well as giving me real-world interactions with business environments that have benefited me enormously. 


After completing my internship with Costco, I would like to focus on school and hope to work part-time with the company. In the distant future I see myself working in the corporate side of Costco if the opportunity presents itself. Without the Pathways program at I would have not obtained the necessary skills and preparation to receive the internship I was fortunate to obtain.   

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