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Lisa Cordova
Lisa Cordova



Field Specialist

  • MSW, University of Denver
  • LCSW (1998)
  • BS in Applied Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Davis
PSU History

My first connection with the SSW was as an MSW Field Instructor.  I then joined PSU in February of 2013 as the 50th Anniversary Coordinator to support the 50/50 Photo Story Project, Day of Service and 50th Grand Celebration.  I became part of the SSW Field team in the summer of 2014.  

Professional Focus

Before coming to PSU, the majority of my social work practice was in community agencies with a focus on violence prevention and early intervention, particularly youth relationship violence, interpersonal violence and child abuse.  I also worked extensively with youth peer education models and curriculum development to address these social issues.

I was drawn to the field team's work at the SSW because field placements provide an essential piece of developing professional identity and capacity as social workers; it's exciting to collaborate with community partners and to be a part of supporting that process for students.

Personal Interests

Spending time with my family and friends is high on my list, and I also love camping, backpacking, and gardening.  My goal is to take up the cello or ukalele in the next year.