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Liane O'Banion
Liane O'Banion

B.S. Psychology, University of Oregon

M.S. Adult & Continuing Education, Portland State University

Liane began working at PSU in 1999 as Graduate Assistant in Undergraduate Advising & Support Center (UASC), working with the Academic Support Program (ASP) and is currently the Assistant Director of the Learning Center. She came to PSU after working at the University of Oregon for two years.

Liane's interests include assisting under-prepared and struggling students in achieving their goals of a baccalaureate degree and in managing the various barriers that can occur along the way. She created the College Success curriculum in 2002 when she saw a need that wasn't being fulfilled by the University and felt that it was our job to TEACH students HOW to be students. She has attended numerous national and international conferences on teaching and curriculum development and the result is that today there are several sections of the course taught by different advisers via the Learning Center. In 2007, she presented at the International Conference on the First-Year Experience about the success the ASP has had in increasing retention and graduation to this at-risk population of students.

Liane gets her energy from students and loves to help solve complex problems! Her favorite time of year is Commencement, when she gets to personally witness the culmination of a students' hard work when they walk across the stage to receive their degree. Being able to be part of that process in a student's life is truly an honor.