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Kurt Bedell
Kurt Bedell

Associate Director of Marketing, University Communications

  • BA in History, Northwestern University
Professional Focus

Kurt brings a broad and deep set of public and private sector marketing, communications and technology credentials to Portland State, having led higher education marketing and sales programs for Apple in the US and UK for over 17 years. He made a decision in 2013 to leave the corporate world and dedicate his next life chapter to working for public education and non-profit organizations. The product of multiple generations of educators, Kurt grew up in the small midwestern town of Holland, Michigan, studied history at Northwestern, and taught 9th grade English in Bangkok, Thailand the year after college. He has called Portland home off and on since 1995 and currently lives in the Belmont district.

Personal Interests
  • Technology
  • Youth
  • Health
  • Arts
  • Social justice
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Yoga
  • Cooking