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Joshua Fost
Joshua Fost

As coordinator of the Senior Inquiry program and professor in courses such as Entering the Cyborg Millennium and Embracing Einstein's Universe, Dr. Fost promotes the centrality of science and critical thinking in the development of a grounded and informed worldview. Trained as a neuroscientist and philosopher, one of his central research interests is the way in which our brains drive us to find order and pattern in experience. Drawing on scholarship from psychology, biology, art, philosophy, poetry, and religion, his 2007 book If Not God, Then What? Neuroscience, Aesthetics, and the Origins of the Transcendent explores these themes.

Dr. Fost encourages his students to dissolve the boundaries between disciplines, consider the ways in which mind and language slant our thinking, and synthesize all of these fields into a coherent understanding of humanity's natural context. For Dr. Fost, such considerations are not incompatible with the practical demands of modern life. Prior to joining PSU, he taught at Hampshire College and spent six years in information technology, recognized in 2004 as one of the Top 25 Chief Technology Officers in the United States.

Joshua Fost
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University Studies
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