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Jen Armbruster
Jen Armbruster

Jen has been working in the field of inclusive recreation and sport for over fifteen years. Prior to coming to PSU, she worked in Birmingham, Alabama, as the Recreation Specialist at the Lakeshore Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes independence for persons with physical disabilities and provides opportunities to pursue active, healthy lifestyles.

Jen has taken on an additional role at Campus Rec and is now the Inclusive Rec & Fitness Center Coordinator. She is very excited to continue to be a part of making general fitness and health accessible for everyone, and is thrilled to be supervising the fitness center and the awesome staff that works in that space. Her favorite aspects of her job are her awesome co-workers and the exciting new space that the fitness center will be offering.

Jen is a six-time Paralympian and was elected to carry the American flag during the opening ceremonies at the Beijing games. As a member of the U.S. Women’s Goalball Team, her career accomplishments include a gold medal from the Beijing games in 2008, a silver medal from Athens in 2004, and a bronze medal from Atlanta in 1996. She is slated for a seventh Paralympics, as team U.S.A. has qualified for the Rio games in 2016.

Jen loves spending time with her family exploring Portland and having fun adventures.