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Jason Kyler-Yano, MA
Jason Kyler-Yano, MA


Tel: 503.725.8021
Fax: 503.725.5100
Office: URBN 470T


Jason is generally interested in culturally responsive program evaluation in human services that takes a socioecological approach to identifying and addressing areas for intervention. More specifically, this includes examining the effects of factors at structural/societal (e.g., policy, culture, gender) and group/community (e.g., family and peer dynamics) levels of analysis on outcomes for individuals. The content of his work has focused on intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration, IPV treatment programs, family violence, intergenerational violence, gender role socialization, and acculturation in the general population as well as specifically in Asian American communities. In terms of methods, he has an interest in both quantitative (e.g., multi-level modeling) and qualitative methods as well as in statistical computing in R. He holds a master’s degree in social ecology from UC Irvine and is currently in the dissertation phase of his PhD studies.

Jason enjoys spending time with his family and friends, working on house projects, cooking and eating, and exploring and enjoying what our great state has to offer.


Jason is currently a senior research assistant with the Institute on Aging conducting data analyses and preparing technical reports. He is excited to be immersed in gerontology and surrounded by gerontologists. His current projects include evaluation of the Oregon Behavioral Health Initiative for Older Adults and People with Disabilities and studies related to the Oregon Community-Based Care Project. He is interested in examining correlates of elder abuse and domestic violence among older adults with an eye towards prevention and intervention.

Selected Publications

  • Anger, W. K., Kyler-Yano, J., Vaughn, K., Wipfli, B., Olson, R., & Blanco, M. (2018). Total Worker Health® intervention for construction workers alters safety, health, well-being measures. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 60(8), 700-709.

  • Milojevich, H. M., Quas, J. A., & Yano, J. Z. (2016). Children’s participation in legal proceedings: Stress, coping, and consequences. In M. K. Miller & B. H. Bornstein (Eds.), Advances in sychology and law (Vol. 1, pp. 185-216). Switzerland: Springer.