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Heber Michaels '15
Heber Michaels '15

Entrepreneurship — from the family business to new ventures

Heber Michaels came to PSU with the intention of learning as much as possible so he could help his parents run their family business.

His family background, entrepreneurial drive, and course of study in economics and business helped him launch two businesses of his own while at PSU—a tow truck company and a company that recycles old tires and waste oil into an alternative fuel.

As a sophomore, Michaels landed a position with Oregon BEST through the Institute for Sustainable Solutions' paid internship program, which supported his school expenses, increased his understanding of entrepreneurship, and expanded his network.

“It helped me transition from school to the real world,” he said.

Michaels is now working with fellow PSU alumni to launch an app, Eber Health, that connects health care services to consumers on an on-call basis—aiming to make health care more accessible and affordable.