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Emily Coleman
Emily Coleman

Emily Coleman was the student speaker at PSU's 2012 June Commencement ceremony.

Emily Coleman is graduating from PSU with a M.S. in Special Education through the visually impaired learners program. She is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Prior to attending Portland State, she received a B.S. in Geography from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2001, and her secondary education certification from the same college in 2002. Emily is currently a teacher of the visually impaired working for the Washington State School for the Blind. She is serving students in rural areas surrounding Spokane, WA.

Outside of school and work, Emily is involved with other national organizations in the field of blindness. Emily has been participating in the “Teacher of Tomorrow” program with the National Federation of the Blind, which has provided her multiple travel opportunities within that specific organization. Emily also is actively writing a blog for; a parenting website developed and supported by the American Foundation for the Blind. In the past, Emily has been a founding member of an organization for parents of children with visual impairments, and hopes to start a new chapter in Eastern Washington someday soon.

Emily has been married to James Coleman for the past 10 years; his support of every direction she takes has allowed her to become such a strong advocate for children with visual impairments. Together they have three children, Molly (8), Eddie (7), and Cindy (3). Her son Eddie was born blind, and is also diagnosed with Autism. His daily struggles and achievements have encouraged her to continue striving to become a better parent, and a stronger teacher.