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Donor Spotlight: Youssef El-Mansy
Donor Spotlight: Youssef El-Mansy

Youssef El-Mansy grew up in Dessouk, Egypt, on a farm 50 miles from Alexandria. Although both of his parents were farmers without formal schooling, they taught their children that education was the best way to expand your horizons and encouraged El-Mansy to pursue his studies. He remembers while growing up in Egypt, your grades determined what occupation you would pursue, with the highest achieving students expected to study engineering. After graduating as a top student from Alexandria University, he had the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in North America. He received his Ph.D. in electronics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and shortly after began his career with Bell-Northern Research.

El-Mansy’s plan was to get a few years of practical experience in North America before going back to Egypt. However, opportunities for him and his family in the United States compelled him to stay.

One of those opportunities was an offer to lead the 64K DRAM development project Intel that drew El-Mansy to the Portland area. This move resulted in a 25 year career with Intel where he became a trailblazer in the field of microprocessors and led the way in developing innovative yet manufacturable technologies. His accomplishments did not go unnoticed and in 1990 he was named an Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) fellow, one of the highest international engineering distinctions.

He believes his competitive nature and focus on innovation helped him succeed in his career at Intel. While he is widely respected for his technical capabilities, he is also recognized as an esteemed leader. One of his most prideful accomplishments is the dynamic team he built during his 25 years with the organization. Before retiring in 2004, El-Mansy held the position of the Vice President and Director of Logic Technology Development and the team he built from scratch was 5,000 strong.

El-Mansy’s relationship with Portland State began when Dr. Bob Dryden, former Dean of the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, sought out El-Mansy to join his advisory committee. He quickly became more engaged with the university and was impressed by how Dryden transformed the engineering college. During this same time, El-Mansy’s children attended Portland State, with two of his daughters receiving degrees in Chemistry and his son spending two years studying engineering at the Maseeh College. The family’s legacy at PSU continues, with today, two of his nephews and one grandchild attending.

After years of involvement with the Maseeh College, watching the impact PSU has on the community, and experiencing the education his family has received, El-Mansy was inspired to give back. This year, El-Mansy established a charitable gift annuity to benefit the next generation of engineering students at Portland State University. His gift will support merit based scholarships for students who possess the skills and drive to pursue an engineering degree, but who may not have the financial support to do so. El-Mansy attributes his ability to pursue his education to the scholarship support he received and he wants to provide this encouragement to the next generation of engineering students.

Today, El-Mansy is appreciating the retired life, spending time with his growing family, playing tennis, and enjoying weekends at the coast.


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