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Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research
Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research

Associate Professor Will Parnell (CI) has published a book on early childhood research practices, Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research (Routledge, 2016), with Jeanne Marie Iorio, a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Education at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Parnell is an Early Childhood Education faculty member and pedagogical liaison to the Helen Gordon Child Development Center. He has published and presented scores of papers on early childhood pedagogy. This is his second book.

About the book

Recent and increasing efforts to standardize young children’s academic performance have shifted the emphases of education toward normative practices and away from qualitative, substantive intentions. Connection to human experience, compassion for societal ailments, and the joys of learning are straining under the pressure of quantitative research, competition, and test scores, exemplified by federal funding competitions and policymaking.

Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research critically interrogates the traditional foundations of early childhood research practices to disrupt the status quo through imaginative, cutting-edge research in diverse U.S. and international contexts. Its chapters are driven by empirical data derived from unique research projects and a variety of contemporary methodologies that include phenomenological studies, auto-ethnographic writings, action-oriented studies, arts-based methodologies, and other innovative approaches. By giving voice to marginalized social science researchers who are active in learning, school, and early education sectors, this volume explores the meanings of actionable and everyday approaches based on the experiences of young children, their families, and educators.

Recent reviews

"A timely collection of conceptual and political importance, Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research reconfigures early childhood education methodologies in exciting, astute, and exceptional ways. Its authors show that it is possible to research differently."

—Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, professor
School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada

"This is an urgently needed collection of research and possibilities that asks enduring questions, explores new meanings with its findings, gathers and interprets data, and initiates new lines of inquiry. A study in Aotearoa, New Zealand, for example, is framed by both narrative inquiry and philosophy, opening the door for research that embraces identity and sense of place. Another research project, meanwhile, opens the doors and play yards for children to collaborate as active researchers. Imagine!"

—Elizabeth P. Quintero, professor and coordinator of early childhood studies at
California State University Channel Islands, USA



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