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Clive Knights
Clive Knights

Professor, School of Architecture
Shattuck Hall 235

Master of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, 1988
Diploma in Architecture, Portsmouth Polytechnic, 1984
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Portsmouth Polytechnic, 1981

Clive practices architecture and art, in particular mixed media and monotype printmaking. He holds professional architectural design undergraduate and graduate degrees from Portsmouth Polytechnic, UK, and a Master of Philosophy in Architectural History and Theory from Cambridge University (Thesis: "The Place of Mimesis in Architectural Representation," Supervisor: Dalibor Vesely, 1988). Clive has taught architecture since 1984 and was a full-time lecturer at Sheffield University for six years before moving to PSU in 1995 to collaborate in the initiation of the School and its degree programs. His primary areas of interest include the cultural meanings of architectural representation understood through the phenomenology of the human body, with particular reference to the writings of Maurice Merleau-Ponty; the revelatory capacity of metaphor in poetic work; and speculations in architectural design studio pedagogy. Publications include many journal articles and book chapters on the theory, history and pedagogy of architecture. Clive was director of the School of Architecture from 2007 to 2019.

He has exhibited design work internationally, including three projects at the 1985 Venice Biennale as a founding partner of Ferenczi Design; and the prize-winning finalist project for the Grand Buildings Competition at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, 1986. He has shown mixed media work in many public settings, such as the Northwest Biennial at the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington, in 2004. He has designed and built several works including the Christiane Millinger Oriental Rug Gallery in Portland, Oregon (with Michael Gibson, 2000), and Riverhouse, a private dwelling on the Columbia River in Cathlamet, Washington (with Louise Foster, 2002). His current, ongoing project is an interpretive study of the involuntary predicament of being human incorporating a series of monotypes, mixed media drawings, maquettes and full-scale thematic structures directly engaging the human body, collectively gathered under the working title: Cycles and Horizons: Re-membering the Daughters of Mnemosyne.