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Becca Parker Love
Becca Parker Love



  • Assistant Director of Field Education
  • Assistant Professor of Practice


  • MSW, University of Maryland Baltimore
  • BA Psychology, Boston University

PSU History

Started in Fall 2016 as Adjunct Faculty in the School of Social Work.

Professional Focus

I have worked in education at the secondary and post-secondary levels since 2005, mainly supporting teens and young adults who have been negatively impacted by the education system. I am passionate about helping people access and persist in education through personalized support and advocating for systems change. I have been supporting students in field education for over 10 years and believe it is the core foundation of social work practice. 

Personal Interests

I love spending time with my kiddos and wife - traveling, playing games, and participating in outdoor activities with them. I enjoy cooking and eating at restaurants around Portland, the US, and around the world. I am also passionate about home restoration and carpentry.