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Antonia R.G. Alvarez, PhD, LMSW
Antonia R.G. Alvarez, PhD, LMSW


  • Assistant Professor

  • PhD in Social Work, University of Denver

  • MSW, University of Michigan

  • BA, Oberlin College

PSU History

Started in Fall 2019 as an Assistant Professor in the Master's program at the School of Social Work.


Community-organizing and community-level prevention, intervention and post-vention with LGBTQ2+ communities, Indigenous and Latinx communities, and communities of color; Program management, development, implementation and evaluation with non-profits, schools, and faith-based groups; Community and youth organizing, fundraising (grant-writing) and resistance/resilience work; Storytelling, art-making, and theatre-based research and training for social justice and health sovereignty. 

Academic/Research Interests

Disrupting disparity, centering liberation, and amassing hope. And, Health, mental health, substance abuse and suicide disparities in Indigenous, LGBTQ/Two-Spirit/gender-expansive communities and communities of color; critical, intersectional, and performance/arts-based practice, research and pedagogy; community-engaged, culturally-based strategies for healing and resistance.

Personal Interests

Birds, beaches, bread, good recipes, mi familia, and creating community.