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Andy Turner
Andy Turner

Andrea Turner was the student singer at PSU's 2012 June Commencement ceremony.

Andrea Turner is graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in health studies: community health education and health sciences.

Ms. Turner grew up in the small island town of Sitka, Alaska. As a child Ms. Turner was taught to follow her passions. She was given an opportunity to study music, art, dance and drama from an early age. Ms. Turner performed her first vocal solo at the age of 5. She has been a soloist on multiple occasions for every choir she has been a part of and has performed as a soloist outside of choirs as well. Most notably, Ms. Turner received the Outstanding Musician Award for her performances at the South East Alaska Music Festival 2007 & 2008.

In addition to performing, Ms. Turner spent a great deal of time volunteering for many organizations including Amnesty International, the Heifer Foundation, the Human Rights Campaign, the American Cancer Society, and pear. In high school, Ms. Turner created an organization called “Helping Other People Everywhere” (HOPE). Her commitment to these programs has deepened her sense of humanity and has strengthened her determination to help improve the lives of those around her in any way she can.

A strong liberal arts background has been invaluable to Ms. Turner, but from a young age, she knew she wanted to be a healer. Her fascination with the human body and health led her to become a yoga teacher and motivated her throughout her journey at Portland State. In 2011 Ms. Turner participated in a medical internship in India, where she worked primarily with mothers and children in rural villages. This opportunity was a key inspiration for her future goals.

After graduation, Ms. Turner plans to attend Birthingway College to become a certified midwife. She also intends to continue to heal some of the wounds caused by injustice around the world by pursuing medical volunteer opportunities locally and overseas. It is her hope to help people have an equal chance of being healthy, educated, and happy.

Ms. Turner thanks her family and friends who have supported her over the years. Without them, the opportunities she has been blessed with would not have been possible.