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Andre Pruitt
Andre Pruitt



  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Doctoral Student


  • Current doctoral student, Portland State University
  • MSW in Community Based Social Work, Portland State University
  • BA in Physical Education, Linfield College (1986)
  • EMDR Trained (2013)

PSU History

I began my PSU journey in the fall of '87 as I began taking graduate level physical education courses to supplement my teaching skills in the Portland Public Schools.  After several years working in the field of HIV/AIDS, I returned to PSU to obtain a MSW and continued my work within the Portland Community.  In 2011, I bridged my experience in the social work field with education and began teaching in the School of Social Work.

Academic/Research Focus Areas

  • I have extensive experience working in HIV/AIDS service organizations, county and community based mental health organizations, and public schools. My experience includes working with organizations serving young adults 16 to 26 years old who are experiencing homelessness.
  • My research interests focus on privilege and oppression as it impacts LGBTIQ2-S and people of color.Interest expands to cognitive health in active older adults.
  • My teaching and research interest are informed by Black Feminist Thought, critical race theory, constructivism, and queer theory.I enjoy research that brings marginalized voices into the center of research.My enjoyment around research increases when I am able to incorporate Afrocentric approaches in qualitative epistemologies.

Personal Interests

I enjoy traveling and every 3 years I try to visit areas outside of the United States.  I love to sing and spent one year traveling singing with a musical group. My past time joys are hiking and camping hence the reason I stayed in the Pacific Northwest.  In the spring and early fall, I enjoy a nice motorcycle ride through the mountains or a back country road.