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Amanda Layla Woelfle
Amanda Layla Woelfle

I got high scores on my GED, which qualified me for admission to state colleges in Oregon.

Amanda Layla Woelfle
Nez Perce & Eastern Band Cherokee
Sophomore - Indigenous Nation Studies

What is your story?
I am a high school drop out. I am back at PSU after being gone for 12 years because of a big accident. I’m a child of a single mom, who gave birth to me when she was 17 years old. I was living in a group home. They gave me a choice to stay in high school until I was 21 or dropout and get my GED.

What drew you to PSU?
Last year, my mom and I took a train trip to Chicago. We went through all these reservation. I planned on going to go Columbia College in Chicago to study, but I decided I was to go back to PSU. I got involved with the Native Studies program.

How has the NASCC helped you?
The NASCC has given me a support structure as a student that has helped me succeed in college.

How are you paying for school?
Student Loans, Oregon Need Grant, Pell Grant. I think I’m at $15,000 in student loans in a year and a half. I’ll probably be $40,000 in debt with my undergraduate degree.

How would a scholarship help you?
It would take some of the pressure off but I will be paying the government back for the rest of my life. I’m 36 and I’m not sure how much of a working life I’ll have after this. $3,000 after a term is not a lot of money to live off.

What else are you doing?
First class I took in Native Studies with Professor Landrum and she introduced me to Christina at the PSU Powwow. Christina introduced me to UISHE. Now I’m involved with the Indigenous Nation Studies and UISHE.