PSU Master of Architecture graduate earns Bronze award in Pre's Rock Memorial Design Competition
Author: School of Architecture
Posted: July 13, 2020

Master of Architecture graduate Marteen Jimenez (2020) received the Bronze award in the Pre's Rock Memorial Design Competition. 

Steve Prefontaine was a record-breaking runner at the University of Oregon who was known for his toughness, courage, and irrepressible charisma. His performance at the 1972 Olympic Games demonstrated his take-no-prisoners approach to racing and made him a beloved figure among runners all over the world. He lost his life in 1975 in an automobile accident, and the location of his death, known as "Pre's Rock," immediately became a place of pilgrimage for his fans.

The Pre's Rock Memorial Design Competition's prompt called for a "vision for a memorial that evokes the spirit and legacy of Steve Prefontaine" and addresses the need to display or store the many personal items that Pre's devoted fans continue to leave at the site, 45 years after his death. 

Marteen responded to this prompt by creating a thoughtful, contemplative space that recalls Hayward Field, where Pre ran, acts as a beacon for devotees wanting to pay homage, and provides a series of places for visitors to sit and leave their mementos behind. His design was selected from among 90 entries from designers, architects, and students from 25 countries around the world.

The jury commented, "I like the relationship that this memorial has to distant viewing -- it succeeds in elevating above the trees in a deferential way to the landscape. It addresses the challenge of scaling the memorial to moments when it is most meaningful." 

The competition's jury included Alexi Pappas, Olympic athlete and filmmaker, Andrew Wheating, Olympic athlete, Tinker Hatfield of Nike, Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture, Jeff Roberts of SERA Architects, and Jeff Yrazabal of SRG Partnership. 

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