About Us

ASPSU Mission Statement

We, Associated Students of Portland State University, aim to:

  • Advocate for and represent the interest of students before internal and external bodies;
  • Facilitate formal needs of communication and interaction between students,
  • student organizations, faculty and University administration;
  • Identify and develop services not offered by other divisions of the University;
  • Provide a process for students to fully participate in the allocation of student incidental fees.

ASPSU Contact Information

Smith Memorial Union 117
1825 SW Broadway
Portland Oregon 97207
(503) 725-8973

ASPSU Public Documents

ASPSU Public Google Docs Drive

The student government is comprised of several branches. These include the Executive Committee, the Student Fee Committee, the Senate, and the Judicial Review Board. The senate is compiled with members from the executive committee, student fee committee, and senate. The senate has the following committees: academic affairs, multicultural affairs, equal rights, student life, international affairs, sustainability affairs, legislative affairs and university affairs. The senators sit on two of the eight committees. The executive committee consists of directors for each of the committees, and the student body president and vice president. Ex-officio members of the committee are the chief of staff, publicity and design director, and operations director. The student fee committee has a chair, vice chair, and 5 other voting members. The Judicial Review Board has a chief justice, vice chief justice, and three associate justices. The elections committee falls under the purview of the judicial review board.