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Associated Students of Portland State University
Greetings from the Associated Students of Portland State University! We serve as your Student Government, representing 29,000 students. The issues in which we constantly lobby for are lower tuition, lower fees, cultural competency and a safe campus for all. Get involved! Email or stop by our office, first floor of Smith Memorial Center, room 117. See you soon!




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We are now hiring Senators for Spring term!

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Proposed Constitution Updates

As we move into spring term, ASPSU is tasked with reviewing the current constitution and proposing any changes to the student body. So far, representatives of ASPSU have come up with three options for the Senate to discuss. I will briefly outline these options below:

Keep the constitution in its current form with minor changes. Minor changes include non substantive language corrections; ensuring a senator is voted in as Senate Chair (as opposed to any voting member); and allowing only one grade appeal per academic year to be more aligned with ELSA requirements. 
Keep the constitution in its current form but add structural changes to voting membership. Proposed structural changes include making the directors ex-officio members of Senate (instead of voting members); allowing provisions for executive committee to have veto power; and possibly reducing the voting power of Student Fee Committee members in Senate from 7 to 1 (meaning SFC chair will have one vote on behalf of the SFC at Senate meetings.
Propose a new constitution with major structural changes. The intent of this draft is to increase student power, engagement, and autonomy by falling more in line with Oregon state law ORS 352.102 and 352.105, as well as relevant Attorney General opinions as made in 2015. This option is not being taken lightly and needs full input from the student body, please feel free to follow the link to the draft and add your comments:…/1qbEC9H2WrP26xLJ_URHNe4KWXa…/edit…

It is important to remember that no decision has yet been made by ASPSU or any representative of ASPSU to choose one option over the other. The ASPSU Constitution work-group has been formulating possible changes since the beginning of winter term. Please follow this link to see the work that has been done:…/fol…/0B7lnJB8H3O5NTlktRmRZQ0tvQ0E

Regardless of what representatives in ASPSU decide, it must be stated that ASPSU does not have the authority to change the constitution on their own, only the student body has that power. Any substantive changes made to the constitution will go to ballot during the spring term election cycle and be voted on by the students at large. ASPSU’s main concern is, and will always be, the needs of the student body.