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Study Abroad Experience: Meet Jasmin Landa ‘18
Study Abroad Experience: Meet Jasmin Landa ‘18


Major: Management and Leadership

Location: Salamanca, Spain – University of Salamanca

Program: Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program

To make her dream of studying abroad come true, Jasmin searched and applied for scholarships with perseverance and faith. After having a great experience in Spain, she believes that study abroad is an attainable option for all students regardless of their socioeconomic status. In August Jasmin will go on her second study abroad trip to Japan, demonstrating that this opportunity is possible for everyone.

Why did you study abroad?

As a business: Management & Leadership Major, with an emphasis on Global Business Leadership, I have to learn cultural competency as organizations are becoming more and more diverse. In order to learn this, and also appreciate the many cultures in this world, one must detach themselves from what they are accustomed to (current university, friends, environment, and the overall life in the U.S.) and attach themselves to a foreign environment - with a different culture, customs, food, citizens, etc. and learn to embrace the challenge of adjusting to the change, rather than changing the challenge.

How far in advance did you start organizing your study abroad trip and who helped you organize it?

I planned this trip about six months prior to the trip start date. The TRiO office, my SBA advisor, and the Council of Opportunity in Education helped me organize the essential aspects in studying abroad.

What classes did you attend at the University of Salamanca?

I had three classes:

  1. Spanish Grammar Class 
  2. Spanish Conversation class 
  3. Business in Spanish 

All three classes were all taught in Spanish. In each class, there were students from across the world, and it was such a great experience to listen to the lifestyle and overall perspective that is taught in their country. I was with students who were from Japan, China, Poland, England, U.S., Ireland, and Italy.

What did you learn from your study abroad experience (e.g. in and outside of the classroom)?

Having experienced this study abroad, my life's ambition to impact those in need has gained more traction, and my love for culture has been enriched. I am so blessed to be with 14 other students who, more or less do not come from traditional backgrounds and have surpassed the odds against them. We came to Spain ready to learn about the culture, but even more so, we left Spain with friendships that will last a lifetime, memories that will carry us through our next adventures in life, and the experience of a lifetime that means so much more than words can express.

Why did you want to go to Japan?

I am interested in the Japanese business infrastructure, and I want to immerse myself in a culture very foreign to me. It will be a new level of humility that I will gain through learning new things throughout the four months that will expand my horizons and out of my comfort zone, to really appreciate my life in the U.S. and understand the life of Japan.

What financial advice would you give to future study abroad students?

Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Funding study abroad is a steady and work in progress, for me personally. It was one that required a lot of faith and perseverance to find the opportunities and funding resources that would allow the opportunity to happen.

What would you recommend to students considering studying abroad?

Studying abroad is not a question if you can, but when you can. Anyone and everyone can do this. And that is one of the reasons why I am studying abroad: to demonstrate that a person with a broken background and a financial background that does not align with an opportunity like studying abroad can be possible. As others opened this door for me, I want to open a door of opportunity for others so that they too can see the beautiful places this earth has to offer.

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