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Sarah Jo Larson
Sarah Jo Larson

Role: Accounting Technician in direct assistance to the Senior Accountant of Student Activities & Leadership Programs Department since 2010

Education: BS Psychology, Portland State University

Experience: Sarah Jo worked within the accounting field since 2009 as an Accounts specialist for mass receivables creating payment plans for students at Loyola Marymount University. Additionally Sarah Jo held occupations within financial related fields as a Real Estate appraiser and Loan Processor 2 at Wachovia and World Savings, which provided experience in developing complicated reports based on analysis and quality control.

Teaching/Training Areas: OrgSync budgeting tools, secure record keeping, quality control, domestic and international contracts, SALP p-card and travel policies, Real Estate cost estimation tools

Interests: self & identity, work/life balance, nonverbal communication, Alzheimer’s & dementia research, cooperative board games, puzzles, karaoke, and finding anomalies

Contact Info:; 503-725-4454