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Renjeng Su
Renjeng Su

Why is diversity important for higher education?

The essence of diversity is to recognize and to bring up the potential of every person. The work of education is to bring up human potential. So educators have to recognize diversity, and have to recognize each individual’s potential and maximize it.

Do you have any examples from the school of engineering where diverse perspectives have impacted student learning?

We encouraged the students to go and find the problems and solutions on their own. They could just go to the streets, go to the world, talk to their friends and talk to the people who need to have something different to be done.

So the diversity of students impacts what they see as problems?

It may sound a bit paradoxical. That is on the one hand, I believe that diversity is really to peel off all those so-called groups, that people cannot be identified by the groups, by the skin, by where you grow up or which parental home that you come from. It is just to say “where is the potential, where is the opportunity that we have overlooked?” And that’s really the point.

What advice would you give a student considering PSU?

Engineering is to modify the world for the well-being of human living. But at PSU, the sustainability is to consider the environment also, and the environment including different species in the environment, material nature in the environment, and the entire cycle of when extract the materials and resource from nature. And that in philosophy is a very fundamental learning, when one reaches higher education, that that’s something people should start thinking about.