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Natalie Sherer
Natalie Sherer

Natalie is a native Oregonian who grew up just 20 minutes south of campus. After graduating from high school she attended Graceland University, a liberal arts college in a small town with a population of just over 2000. At Graceland, she received her B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in International Studies.  During Natalie’s undergraduate experience, she learned much more than she thought possible from all of her student life involvements and she firmly believes that experiential learning through campus involvement is invaluable. Here’s a fun fact about her undergrad residence life experience: Natalie once did a room search while dressed up as the gingerbread man from Shrek!

Here at PSU, Natalie is hoping to be a source of support, encouragement and empowerment for the students that she comes into contact with. Looking back now, she knows that the college experience is as much about students’ involvement as it is about the people that they meet along the way. She is here to be a resource and she urges students to stop by anytime they could use a hand, a heart, or an extra brain to bounce things off of.

When Natalie’s not in her office she’s probably trying a new Pinterest craft or recipe, slowly dragging herself up a hiking trail that had very misleading difficulty reviews, trying out a new restaurant, planning her next adventure, or simply scouring Powell’s for a new sci-fi read. Feel free to stop by her office anytime (located in University Success on the second floor of Ondine) to chat, mentally unload, look at pictures of her cats, or just to have a quiet place to simply exist!