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Natalie Caceres
Natalie Caceres


What is your favorite thing about the University?

I love being able to walk around each day and get to know a new part of PSU. The campus is quite unlike any other school in that we share our city with those that are not exclusively students, so it makes for a fun opportunity to learn something new each day. 

What’s you best memory from your time at PSU?

My first year on campus. I definitely had the “little fish, big pond” syndrome the first couple of weeks, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I loved every minute of each new experience. I’ll always remember that time as the year I really began to find my place in the world. 

What is the most important thing you learned at PSU?

I learned how to communicate and appreciate those around you, even if your opinions or culture differ on certain cultures.  Part of what makes a more collective society is understanding the freedom your peers have to express different views and perspectives. PSU is a great forerunner for embodying such a diverse student population. 

What surprised you most about the school? 

Although the school holds over 27,000 students (bigger than any Oregon university), there is a sense of closeness that is uncommon for a school this size. Most classes have a ratio of 26 students to one professor, which is astonishing given the magnitude of student enrollment at PSU. There is a level of personal attention that makes you feel you’re not just another number, but a person. 

What advice would you give a student considering attending PSU?

PSU is truly one of the greatest school experiences you will have in Oregon. It’s a population full of diverse individuals that come from all cultures and backgrounds. If you thrive on meeting new people but also want to maintain a sense of balance and closeness with your community, then PSU would be the campus for you. 

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