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Meet Peer Advisor Malcolm Goldman
Meet Peer Advisor Malcolm Goldman

Malcolm Goldman is a peer advisor in the PSU Education Abroad office. Malcolm studied abroad in Santiago, Chile during Fall 2018 through one of PSU's approved study abroad programs, USAC.  He also studied abroad for a year in Germany, during High School. 

Malcolm's biggest tip for students studying abroad is to think a lot about how the program you select will best suit your goals. This means going beyond simply looking at the program website and the program "on paper," and can include talking with former students, contacting staff, etc., to see what the program can offer. Additionally, the more you can interact with locals, the deeper your connection to your new home will be.

Malcolm embraces all of the opportunities that international experiences have to offer. He is a current German and Linguistics major at PSU, and loves music, food, and nature.  

Malcolm Goldman
Education Abroad Peer Advisor
KMC 608

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