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Meet Leena Shrestha
Meet Leena Shrestha

Leena Shrestha works with diverse students and enjoys helping them explore their academic and career goals. A native from Nepal, she speaks 3 different languages. She is a great supporter of study abroad and experiential education. Her experience moving to the U.S. is in many ways similar to experiences faced by international students and U.S. students coming from a first generation, low income and minority population. She believes in meeting students at their level and nurturing those relationships.

When students share news about receiving scholarships, jobs or getting accepted to grad school, she takes a pause to relish those moments and to share her joy with them. To witness students' journey and to learn from them that you played a role is quite a humbling experience.

Prior to joining Portland State in 2008, she was an adviser at both Portland Community College and North Lake College in Texas. She has lived in Vermont, Texas and Nepal and calls Oregon her beautiful home. She has a Master's degree in International Education from the School for International Training in Vermont. Leena lives with her husband and her daughter in Beaverton. She enjoys walk & talks with her students and colleagues.