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Meet Jing Li, MSFA '16
Meet Jing Li, MSFA '16

My Background

I am an international student from Jilin Province in China. I have been here since 2011. I started both my undergraduate and graduate in Portland and finished my BS degree in 2014. I am a volunteer in Cash Oregon since 2014, and right now, I am an instructor assistant in Cash Oregon Beaverton Activity Center.

My Experience at Portland State University

After I finished my undergraduate program in Portland State University, I decided to continue studying MSFA program public accounting track at PSU also. I really impressed with the quality of the education, and the academic environment. Especially for the international student like me, the professors and staff are all so kind and helpful. The diversity of our organizations on campus is also a bright point. You can participate in various activities team which can help you have a huge promotion for individual quality both in academic field and your life.

My Future Goals

Right now, I am preparing my CPA exam. My future goal is pass the CPA exam before 2018 and work in a public accounting firm to prepare for my own business if I go back to China. I am excited about all the opportunities to experience anything about accounting.

Jing is a Graduate Business Programs Ambassador, a group of students and alumni dedicated to sharing what it is really like to be a masters student at Portland State. Click here to contact Jing.